Caring for your Mattress

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Caring for Your New Mattress: A Comprehensive Guide

1. Installation Matters

Starting off on the right foot is crucial when it comes to your new mattress and foundation. Proper installation ensures longevity and optimal performance. If you’re handling the setup yourself, seek advice from store personnel to avoid common pitfalls.

2. The Art of Rotation

Unless your mattress care instructions state otherwise, consider periodically rotating your mattress. Flipping it end-to-end can also help maintain its shape and comfort over time.

3. Cover It Up

Invest in a high-quality, washable mattress cover. Not only does it keep your set fresh and stain-free, but it also shields your mattress from dust mites and allergens. Don’t forget a cover for the foundation or box spring!

4. Fresh Air Therapy

If you notice a faint new product odour, leave your mattress and foundation uncovered overnight. Proper ventilation will do wonders. Take a deep breath—it’ll be just fine!

5. Solid Support

Choose a sturdy bed frame that provides excellent support. For queen- or king-size sets, ensure a robust centre support to prevent sagging or damage to your mattress.

6. The Great Mattress Tag Debate

Contrary to comedy routines, removing the mattress tag isn’t illegal. However, that tag contains essential information for warranty claims. Keep it intact for future reference.

7. No Monkey Business

Kids love to bounce, but rough-housing on your sleep set can harm its interior construction. Set boundaries—no little monkeys on the bed!

8. Board Games (Not Really)

Avoid placing a board between the mattress and base. While it might seem like extra support, it can exacerbate issues over time. If you need more support, consider upgrading to a new mattress.

9. Manufacturer’s Wisdom

Follow specific care guidelines from your mattress manufacturer. They know their product best, so heed their advice for optimal maintenance.

10. Farewell to the Old

Now that you’ve treated yourself to a new sleep set, bid farewell to the old one. Don’t pass it on to others—it’s time to say goodbye and make room for better rest.

Bonus Tip: Keeping It Clean

Worried about stains? Avoid harsh chemicals. Instead, blot damp spots with a dry towel. A sprinkle of baking soda can absorb moisture, followed by gentle cleaning with mild soap and cold water. And remember, a mattress cover is your best defence against stains.

Sweet dreams and happy sleeping!

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