Yaheetech 3FT Single Mattress Density with Anti-mite Knitted Jacquard Cover


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  • Yaheetech 3FT Single Mattress Density with Anti-mite Knitted Jacquard 
  • Solid mattress materials: Better than most of the competition models, this well constructed spring mattress has 9 layers of solid mattress materials, including 220g anti-mite knitted jacquard cover, polypropylene cotton, 2cm thick high density sponge, 25g nonwoven fabric, 3 layers of 600g black felt, and an extra layer of 80g nonwoven fabric. Such a construction of solid materials means added comfort. Buy now!
  • Mite-free hygienic mattress: This 3ft mattress is safe to allergy and asthma suffers and complies with major industrial standards, i.e. BS 7177:2008 and REACH XVII. Rest assured, your orders are free from harmful substances (e.g. formaldehyde) to respect your health safety and the environment.
  • Balanced mattress firmness: If 1 is for too soft and 10 for too firm, this cozy mattress is soft as 4 to save you from acute muscle pains. For all ages who prefer soft mattress support, it is a must-have and reliable night companion. Also, it can fit your cabin/bunk/divan beds equally well.
  • Proven vacuum packaging: Our mattress package applies a proven vacuum compression technology to protect your order from possible shipment damages. Even better, you can have 90% of the mattress size spring back within 2 hours after opening the package. In 3-4 hours, you can have the comfortable mattress fully ready for use.
  • 3-layer recycled felt: We only work with suppliers who value environment protection in production as the brand does. This 3ft single mattress, for instance, applies 3 layers of 600g felt in total, which are made of a blend of 100% recycled materials, yet function as well as the comparable on the market.


Package Dimensions: 37.8 x 11.0 x 11.0 inches

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