Abaseen Shaggy Modern Rug in 12 Different Colours


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  • Abaseen Shaggy Modern Rug in 12 Different Colours
  • This plush carpet shaggy rug adds a pop of luxury to any space.
  • Choose from a variety of beautiful, modern colours that will really tie the room together.
  • Wonderful for bedrooms, living rooms, entryways, and much more.
  • This shaggy rug can be spot cleaned or vacuumed easily due to its dense pile.
  • Because the carpet is so thick and heavy, it stays in place with ease!

Details: If you're looking for just the thing to finally pull your room's design together, look no further. Abaseen provides the ultimate plush, modern rug that is sure to elevate any space. We offer our shaggy rug in several colours, such as grey, black, white, turquoise blue, red, and burnt orange. You will have many chic options to choose from. So many carpets are thin and flimsy, but ours is fitted with a dense 5-centimeter pile. This helps the rug to stay in place, and you can easily run a vacuum over it without it pulling up. You can also easily clean debris and stains with spot cleaning. Made with ultra-soft fibres, our rug will make your floor feel like a slice of paradise in your very own home. This is a fantastic choice if you have cold tiles or wood floors. Rugs are often praised as the decor accessories you cannot live without. Ours looks fabulous in any bedroom, living room, hallway, or dining room. The playful shag pile also makes this a great option for children's bedrooms and play areas. Because it's so soft, your little one can set up floor cushions or lie on the rug to read a book or play. With several sizes ranging from small to large, this carpet can fit in any space, from a tiny flat to a roomy cottage. This cozy rug is able to tie many decorations and pieces of furniture together all at once. Your space will finally look complete with this fluffy mat. 

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