Elixir Furniture Khul Headboard for Divan Beds Plush Velvet Grey

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Elixir Furniture


  • Elixir Furniture Khul Headboard for Divan Beds Plush Velvet Grey
  • Elixir Furniture makes your design dreams possible with our handmade upholstered headboard panels.
  • With Elixir, we see no limits. We took your budget, space restrictions, and personal taste into consideration and created a product that can be customised as a headboard, accent wall, or focus piece. Mix and match an assortment of striking colours, elegant finishes, and versatile sizes for a truly unique impact. We make your vision a reality.
  • Genuine foam, Plush Velvet covered panels are ideal for noise reduction for your office, recording studio, home theatre etc. made with safe and durable materials and expertly finished with quality upholstery. From passionate to subtle, every palate will find comfort and style when choosing between 9 designer colours. We promise sophisticated style and superior quality, all in one box.
  • Each piece of Elixir panels takes approximately 5 minutes to install with our simple mount system. Our screws are designed with extra care to hold Elixir headboards with any divan beds so the panels are firmly held in place. No studs or anchors will be needed when mounting your panels.
  • This headboard height is 36 INCHES, [Check our other listings for headboards with Height varies from 20-54" and Width varies from 30-72"] to fit a Small Single, Single, Small Double, Double, King size, Super King sized headboards. Strong and sturdy struts with 4 screws for the struts included in package.

Details: Luxurious Headboard, Make your house a home. Enhance Your Bedroom Experience Now!   While not a bedding necessity like sheets or a frame, headboards are nevertheless a distinct and sophisticated accent for the most personal space in our abodes.   A headboard is the statement maker of the whole bedroom.   It sets the tone, and tells the eye where to look, and ultimately what style the room is. It is just as important as the walls, bedding, and rug selection since it's such a large surface area of colour, pattern or texture.   Almost any headboard will fit on a bed frame, so long as you make sure you get the width right - if it's a queen bed frame, naturally you'll need a queen headboard. And as far as installation goes, If it's a pre-made headboard, there should be holes you can center and line up within your bed frame.   But what about quality and budget? Sometimes you can totally score without spending a million bucks, and if you're buying a headboard without the bed frame your pocketbook is already in saving mode.   If you're still feeling a bit timid about how the heck to headboard, we've gone a step further and rounded up nine high-quality, review-vetted options in a range of styles and price ranges.  Best For Low-Maintenance  Design Horizontal Panels  Style Lean-and-prop  Material Comfy Plush Velvet , We Cannot Guarantee this Special Pricing, So Be Sure to Click Buy Now!

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