Lakhmaali Quilted Mattress Toppers Double Hypoallergenic Extra Soft


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  • Lakhmaali Quilted Mattress Toppers Double Hypoallergenic Extra Soft
  • Double size (137x190 +10cm), Mattress Toppers with box stitched pattern & generously filled fibre for extra comfort.
  • Easy to handle and hassle free. These straps will help to stable and leave equal dense support to every corner. This option is available for all sizes including Single bed, King size and Mattress Toppers Double.
  • OEKO-TEX Certified & Hypoallergenic: ​Premium Quality, Safety Protection, Sustainable and Imperishable Production checked and certified.
  • Topper is filled with layers of hollow fiber and stitched separately. This way the distribution of filling remains evenly distributed and never leaves its position.
  • The materials used are machine friendly. So you can easily spin it in machine and clean it without hassle. This will have no effect on the quality of the topper.

Details: What are different types of Mattress topper and when you should buy one! If your dreams get disturbed halfway due to firm and noisy mattress, it’s time to put on a new mattress topper of right type and size. Three main inner filling material types available in the UK market are: memory foam, duck feather filled and synthetic hollow fibre filled toppers. Whereas top and bottom fabrics are mainly cotton and micro fibre. Lakhmaali Mattress topper double soft and Mattress topper King size are made of microfiber fabric. These pads are filled with fluffy hollow fibre. A soft pad adds an extra soft cushion which relief’s neck, shoulder and hip. A fluffy and generously filled topper acts like a cradle and distributes weight equally. An ideal mattress pad supports your body shape not forces it to a different posture. Lakhmaali is a known brand in home textile and has been serving its customers for past several years. With our own in-house design team, we ensure a balance between safety, comfort and durability. Our wide range of products includes Mattress pads, covers, duvet sets and cushions. Whereas size variants are for Double bed (137x190), King size bed (150x200) and Single bed.

Package Dimensions: 21.2 x 20.6 x 6.2 inches

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