Threads for Bed Extra Thick Mattress Topper with 100% Cotton Cover

Threads For Bed

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Threads For Bed


  • Threads for Bed Extra Thick Mattress Topper with 100% Cotton Cover
  • Luxury Redefined. Our new and improved mattress topper offers exceptional support and cushioning for your mattress. Featuring 3 inches of the softest loft, this is the most luxurious topper in our range. Experience sublime comfort, expertly designed. Breathable, heat regulatory and odourless
  • Quality Craftsmanship. Truly one of the finest in our range, our 3-inch topper is generously filled with 1000g 3D and 6D premium quality plush microfiber, encased in the softest lightest and most breathable 100% cotton featuring an elegant Jacquard print. Relax in unparalleled comfort
  • Baffle Box Stitched Design. Each box has an equal amount of filling that is evenly distributed across the mattress topper to ensure the filling stays in place so no matter where you lie, you’ll always be resting on a fluffy cloud of comfort. Experience plushness and luxury at every turn
  • Secure Anchor Band Construction. Designed to ensure optimum stability and a secure attachment to your mattress, our anchor bands will fit mattress depths from 6 to 22 inches. Our 3-inch deluxe topper will stay in place and maintain the correct fit for most mattresses
  • Easy Care Convenience. Our luxury 3-inch mattress topper is clean and sterile, all you need to do is tumble dry it on a low heat before use to fluff it up. To extend your 3-inch topper’s life and reduce the need to wash it, position a mattress protector/ fitted sheet over it. Wash bi-annually in a front loader machine on a cool wash. *Please do not use a top loader machine

Details: Suitable Care Instructions for Best Use 1) Immediately after removing your 3-inch topper from its vacuum sealed packaging, it’s important to fluff it up in the dryer to reawaken the fibres and increase its loft to 3 inches. Place it in a tumble dryer on a low heat for 60 minutes.*Please note, you do not need to wash it before use. It is clean and sterile. 2) We advise fluffing your topper in the dryer every 2 weeks to maintain optimum cushioning and support. 3) Position a mattress protector and fitted sheet over the topper to protect it, keep you cooler and to diminish the need to wash it as regularly as you would your standard linen. 4) We advise washing your topper every 6 months in a front loader machine with non-abrasive detergents (no bleach) on a cool, gentle wash. Tumble dry on a low heat to dry. Worthful suggesting: You do need a tumble dryer to enjoy the best use of this product. Dryer capacity required: 6kg minimum for single, twin and double size mattress topper 8kg for a king size mattress topper 10 kg for a super king size mattress topper

Package Dimensions: 21.7 x 18.5 x 7.9 inches

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